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Footloose Charters Yacht Ownership
Footloose Yacht Ownership
Footloose Yacht Ownership is the smart way to own your dream yacht. With a full range of options and exclusive financial benefits, Footloose yachts are also affordable.

Footloose Yacht OwnershipAs a Footloose yacht owner, you can enjoy up to nine weeks of sailing your yacht each calendar year. Or you can take advantage of a charter with The Moorings in the Caribbean and Bahamas. For more information, please contact one of our agents at one of our Yacht Ownership offices.

Yacht Ownership Confidence
Footloose is a subsidiary of The Moorings, the most experienced charter company in the world. Our fleet consists of former Moorings yachts that are fully equipped and completely refitted. Most of our Footloose yachts are five to eight years old and are offered at great prices to you for an affordable and hassle-free purchase.

  • Financial Benefits
    You will receive an income check every month from charter revenues.

  • Operating & Maintenance Expenses
    You pay no operating expenses, except for the consumables when you sail your yacht. Footloose pays for all the expenses, including maintenance, annual haul-out, dockage, insurance, turn-around, marketing, accounting and more.

  • Duration & Brokerage
    The Footloose program covers a maximum three high seasons, ending in June of the last season.

    At the conclusion of the Footloose program, your yacht could be traded towards the purchase of a new Moorings yacht in our Moorings Yacht Ownership program. Your yacht can also be listed for sale while still earning income in the Footloose program with our Moorings Brokerage Offices. There is limited availability within our Footloose Ownership Program. Please contact us today to see what's available now.